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"When I arrived, I could not stand for a long period of time due to back pain. Now that I have completed therapy, I have no problem. Thanks, job well done!

"My problems were my neck and upper back. When I first came to Advanced PT, my pain level was 7 to 8. After my PT and leaving today, my pain level is 0. Great work and great people. I will tell everyone I know to come here. May you be blessed and keep up the great work.
Thank you,

"Receiving therapy treatment helped my back pain tremendously. I can get out of bed now without any stiffness.

"When I first arrived, I couldn't apply pressure to my right ankle. But with the help of therapy I am almost 100% again. They were polite and helpful. I am thankful for all their help.

"When I began therapy, I could not bend over without pain. The pain traveled from my back down to my legs. Now I can bend and move without pain.

"Before I came to therapy, I could not raise my right arm above my head or two feet from my side. After therapy, I can raise my arm above my head and I can now lift weights again.

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